1335   enhanced the mapping text for the set<CB>Values.

Created: 08 Dec 2014

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: No impact on this part


As discussed in Tissue #1322, an enhanced description of the set<CB>Values is required to address one-or-multiple set<CB>Values in the next revision of 8-1.


SetBRCBValue(BRCBRef, brcbAttribute1, value1) is mapped to a MMS write Request (BRCBRef.brcbAttribute1, value1).

SetBRCBValue(BRCBRef, brcbAttribute1, value1, brcbAttribute2, value2) is mapped to either
-> two MMS write Requests
(BRCBRef.brcbAttribute1, value1)
(BRCBRef.brcbAttribute2, value2)
it results in 2 write responses therewith with two accessResults.
-> a single MMS write Request ({BRCBRef.brcbAttribute1, value1}, {BRCBRef.brcbAttribute2, value2}) equivalent to 2 writes as the MMS write response will have 2 accessResults.

in both case, it is clear that the MMS mapping provides only access to single attributes, and the number of accessResult shows how many SetBRCBValue were in deed performed.

Discussion Created Status
It was supposed to be an 8-1 Ed2 Tissues! 08 Dec 14 Not Applicable


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