1334   INC for Counters

Created: 05 Dec 2014

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: 8 Data attribute semantic

Paragraph: Table 64

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The CDC INC is used to model various counter data objects. The semantic table defines for "ctlVal": "For the CDC INC, the integer value 0 shall be transmitted to reset the value."

Part 7-4 Ed2 defines for data objects "OpCntRs": "This data object represents a resettable LN operations counter. The use of the CDC INC permits setting the counter to something other than “0”."

7-4 defines that any value can be used to re-set a counter. 7-3 allows to re-set with value "0" only.


Revise the text in 7-3 accordingly:

"ctlVal": "For the CDC INC, any integer value transmitted shall reset the value to this new value, and the counter shall be incremented starting with the new value."

Discussion Created Status
Ed 2 remark for INC only says, that if you want to do a reset, you may use the value 0. It does not exclude to use another value to set it to anything.

Since this remark has beeen removed from Ed 2.1, no further discussion required.
24 Apr 15 Not Applicable
In principle accepted.

7-3 Ed2.1 defines ctlVal as:
Service parameter that determines the control activity.

It is clear that a successfull operate service lead to set the controllable object to the requested value transmitted with the service parameter ctlVal.

If ctlVal happens to be "0", then the INC is reset by a successfull operate.
If ctlVal happens to be !="0", then the INC is set to cltVal by a successfull operate.

05 Mar 15 Discussion (red)


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