1324   The response- for DeleteNamedVariableList is not defined

Created: 23 Oct 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)


Page: 46


Paragraph: Table 21

Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


The current mapping of the ACSI response-, for DeleteDataSet, maps only the MMS DeleteNamedVariableList service. The mapping to the MMS DeleteNamedVariableList.response- does not specify the errorClass/errorCode to be returned. Instead, it specifies that the ACSI error failed-due-to-server-constraint should be mapped to a DeleteNamedVariableList.response- with no errorClass/errorCode specified. There is a parameter value of "any" for the parameter of numberDeleted, but a errorClass/errorCode needs to be specified in order to have a concrete mapping.


The parameter value, for numberDeleted needs to remain as "any", but an errorClass/errorCode needs to be specified. The errorClass should be "service" and the errorCode should be "object-constraint-conflict".

Discussion Created Status
12 May 15 In Force (green)
20 Mar 15 Ballot Period
Final Proposal: accepted. 20 Mar 15 Ballot Period
Theorically the value numberDeleted is not "any" but 0, as the service DeleteDataSet only delete a single dataSet.
The fact that MMS allow to delete more than one NamedVariableList with the deleteNamedVariableList request should be out of scope of the mapping.
MMS states:
The value numberDeleted indicates the number of Named Varaible List objects that were deleted as a result of exectuing the service procedure.
06 Mar 15 Discussion (red)
The parameter numberDeleted shall represent the number of finaly deleted data-sets also in a response- as defined in bullet 5 of clause . So the value for numberDeleted should NOT be any. Use for the value for example: number of deleted data-sets (without failed deletions)". 23 Oct 14 Triage


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