1321   Control Block Attributes non-volatile

Created: 20 Oct 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)

Links: #540 Non volatile properties are missing



Paragraph: Table 18

Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


Tissue 540 “Non volatile properties are missing” has not been implemented in Ed2 of 7-2 and Ed2 of 8-1 with regard to report and log control block attributes.

In tissue 540 http://tissue.iec61850.com/tissue/540 we have said:
Issue: As response to TISSUE #535, the non volatile of attributes and control attributes shall be defined in 7-2 and not in 8-1

Proposal: Solve non volatile properties (setting group, logging, ...) in 7-2 before removing the properties from 8-1

Fixed with Ed2 IEC61850-7-2 FDIS.

LogEntries are non volatile
Table 18 does not cover the log entries but only the control blocks.

Add in log model that log entries shall be non-volatile

Non volatile definitions are available in Table 18 - Functional Constraint definition.
The definition of Table 18 (Ed1) for BR and RP (and may be for other) is lost! It is not defined in 7-2 Ed2 neither in 8-1.

We have to provide this in 8-1 Ed2.1 or in 7-2 Ed2.1


Use text from Table 18 7-2 Ed1 for BR and RP for Ed 2.1 of 7-2.

Discussion Created Status
06 Feb 15 In Force (green)
no change require for current edition. 15 Dec 14 Ballot Period
I agree with Wolfgang and Thierry 15 Dec 14 Discussion (red)
I agree with Wolfgang analysis.
Additionaly, there are some configuration issues with SCL here. As datSet can be change via a SetRCBValue, the standard does not mandate the new configuration to be non-volatile - see e.g. ConfRev definition.
Ed3 is a good platform to address it.
22 Oct 14 Discussion (red)
The statements of Ed1 Table 18 for FCs related to CBs - which do not exist any more in 7-2 Ed2, as they belong to the mapping, are even wrong in this form. E.g. the RptEna value is not allowed to be stored, but must be reset to FALSE after power loss. Similarly, as BRCB buffers are not demanded to be persistently stored,also EntryId may be wrong to be stored. Therefore not accpeted for Edition 2.
It might be worthwhile to require persistent storage of some attributes of log control blocks. This could be discussed for Edition 3.
21 Oct 14 Discussion (red)


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