132   SwARsAlm in XCBR

Created: 21 Mar 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)



Clause: 5.12.4

Paragraph: SumSwARs

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In LN XCBR, the attribute SumSwARs stores the Sum of switched amperes, but there is nothing to inform about when it has raised up to a preset value.

Juan Torres


Add a new attribute to LN XCBR named as SwARsAlm, which value will be TRUE when SumSwARs would have reached a value.

It’s type would be SPS.

A setting value to stablish limits must also be considered.

Discussion Created Status
No change for the moment. Will be clarified with the integration of the LN SCBR according to IEC 62271-3 Addition 1 into 7-4. 08 Jun 06 In Force (green)
There are some real objections against changing this dat from CDC BCR to MV (mail from Pierre of HQ). I agree with him.

I suggest to include as an additional optional data CalSwArs CDC MV.
With an additional data we will keep backward compatibility and have a solution for the alarms.
30 May 06 Future Improvement
Change the CDC for SumSwARs from BCR to MV 18 May 06 Ballot Period
My personal comment is the following:
It is not clear to me, why that data is of the CDC BCR. No procedures similar to binary counter apply. It is nothing than a calulated analog value. Therefore, I propose to change the CDC to MV.

When the CDC is MV, we have for the time being the possibility to use the range configuration and the range attribute to create messages, when limits have been crossed.

I would not introdice further alarms and additional monitoring information, before that is handled in general.
15 May 06 Discussion (red)
To be checked with TC17C (Liaison Christoph Brunner) 29 Mar 06 Discussion (red)
Comment basically accepted.
This is closely related to ongoing discussions about circuit breaker monitoring, it is proposed to leave it for the time being.
02 Apr 05 Discussion (red)


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