1294   Description of SIML.GasInsAlm reg. Buchholz

Created: 31 Jul 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In the LN SIML is specified that the DO GasInsAlm and GasInsTr may be used also for buchholz alarm/trip. But both DO belong to dissolved gas and buchholz alarm needs free gas(not dissolved). So for buchholz alarm the TF 90-3 proposes new DO.


Skip the text in brackets reg. buchholz in the description for GasInsAlm/GasInsTr.
Add new DO in SIML for gas alarm (FltGasAlm)(can be used for Buchholz Alarm) and for rate of gas generation (RteFltGasAlm). Both DO SPS, optional.

Discussion Created Status
Text to change in part 7-4:
FltGasAlm SPS If true, volume of fault gas generation reached alarm level (can be used for Bucholz relay)(can be set for daily / weekly/ monthly /yearly amount of generated gas)
O / F
RteFltGasAlm SPS If true, rate of fault gas generation reached alarm level O / F
Change description:
GasInsAlm If true, the gas in the insulation liquid abnormal condition has been detected;
GasInsTr If true, the gas in the insulation liquid dangerous condition has been detected;
10 Nov 14 In Force (green)
Change to Green 24 Oct 14 In Force (green)
The proposal in the discussion has been agreed. Set to state "Final proposal" 10 Oct 14 Ballot Period
Agreed to include into LN SIML the proposed DOs FltGasAlm and RteFltGasAlm. The definiton of the limits for these alarms shall be discussed in edition 3 when 61850-90-3 will be included. 10 Sep 14 Discussion (red)


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