129   Coming/Going Events?

Created: 21 Mar 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-1 (2003)



Clause: 13.2.2

Paragraph: Table 13

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Sometimes it’s desirable to send an event only when an alarm has started, or when an attribute value has been updated to a specific value. Think on pulse signals where only the 0 to 1 transition is really valid.

With the dchg configuration, the event is generated when the value of the signal changes.


Is it possible to select in which cases the event would be generated?

P.E. True -> False: Generate event
False -> True: Don’t generate event

To add to the dchg the possibility to select wheter or not transitions 0 to 1 or 1 to 0 are interesting to be sent. For use in pulse signals.

Otherwise this capacity must be selected to be part of event and alarm list upwards the IED.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot expired; set to green 15 May 06 In Force (green)
Final Proposal:
Some DO have been defined as transient in 7-4. For those transient DOs, the falling edge shall not be reported if the transient attribute is set to true in the SCL-ICD file.
We recommend to report both states (true to false, AND false to true) , i.e. not to set the transient attribute in the SCL-ICD file for those DOs, and recommend that the client filter the transitions that are not "desired".
The SCL transient attribute represents the capability of the server. It may not able to be used to configure the server.
01 Apr 05 Ballot Period
Currently it is not possible to configure which data change (True-False, False-True) should be treated as an event.
The application can decide (by local means) to treat only the changes from False to True or vice versa.

We may add two additional values for the TriggerConditions type in Part 61850-7-2 (Table 10) - this filter would be applied for all data of a Control Block!! - :

data-update-tf BOOLEAN – Filter of the data-update: only data changes from True to False shall treated as an event.

data-update-ft BOOLEAN – Filter of the data-update: only data changes from False to True shall be treated as an event.

If we want it per data value then we need to define new TriggerOptions, e.g., dchgft anf dchgtf

21 Mar 05 Discussion (red)


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