1282   For control some optional date objects shall be conditional

Created: 15 Jul 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 34

Clause: 5.5.6

Paragraph: -

Category: No impact on this part


In case of process bus systems logical nodes like CSWI and XCBR will not be hosted on same IED anymore.
In such a case one option would be to extend the control services, running between the Station level Client and the CSWI (Bay level), to the XCBR (Process level) via GOOSE.
For this propose it must be secured that the needed data objects are supported by the involved logical nodes.
Actual all data objects needed for this propose are defined as optional!
Tis might lead to different implementations leading to interoperability issues.


Set the presence conditions for those data objects as conditional.
The condition is the supported ctlModel.

e.g. on CSWI SelOpn, SelCls, OpOpn, OpCls shall be mandatory in case select before operate with enhanced security is supported(needed to be in line with state mashin described in 7-2).
e.g. on CSWI OpOpn, OpCls shall be mandatory in case direct control with/without enhanced security or select before operate with normal security is supported (needed to be in line with state mashin described in 7-2).
On XCBR/XSWI it looks more difficult. To secure a proper response to the CSWI the optional DPC attributes stSeld, opRcvd, opOK, tOpOK are required (depending on the ctlModel used on CSWI).
Because it might be the XCBR is not controllable with MMS Control services it’s ctlModel is set to “status-only”. But the XCBR is controllable via GOOSE. This would mean that the condition could not be mapped to the ctlModel supported.
Because this must be clarified in part 7-3 I would sugest to decide first on the 7-4 topic above.

Discussion Created Status
Tissue has been changed to green. No change in 7-4 amd 2.1 16 Feb 15 In Force (green)
The discussion participants agreed to leave the presence conditions of the mentioned data objects as optional.
So the tissue goes to final proposal.
02 Feb 15 Ballot Period
The described examples show me that a very clear condition setup is not possible. Only in application descriptions like in 7-500 or Basic Application Profiles (BAP) these specifications can be done in form of required data. In one the tissue is right: without understanding the standard, intoperability cannot be achieved. 18 Jul 14 Discussion (red)


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