1278   DO "Blk" and "BlkRef" as conditional

Created: 18 Jun 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 22-23

Clause: 5.3.3


Category: No impact on this part


For the description of common LN we have the DO “Blk” and “BlkRef1” as optional. But if dynamic blocking is used only DO “Blk” can inform about the blocked status of the LN. (Operator Blocked are not used for Dynamic Blocking).


Proposal: DO “Blk” and “BlkRef1” are not more Optional but Conditional. Put C6 for both DO. “Condition C6: This data object is mandatory, if the considered LN is performing dynamic blocking.“

Discussion Created Status
09 Sep 14 In Force (green)
Tissue will be rejected 08 Aug 14 Ballot Period
Additionally, a dynamic blocking of a function may be done internally, i.e. without being driven by an external reference.
Therefore, I would not mandate the use of BlkRef because Blk is supported.
25 Jun 14 Discussion (red)
It is right, DO Blk should be used to indicate that the function is dynamically blocked. DO BlkRef can be used to show the source signals of the blocking.
This will be illustrated in the future part IEC 61850-7-500 as a recommendation.
The presence conditions "Otional" or "Conditional" become "Required" in profiles (user profiles, basic application profiles etc.). Here is the right place for functional requirements.
I would reject the proposal.
20 Jun 14 Discussion (red)


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