1261   of LN RSYN

Created: 12 May 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)

Links: #1316 Duplication in RSYN DOs in CSYN




Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In the LN CSYN (Synchronizer)some DOs are specified that are also be useful for RSYN(Synchrocheck). Especially if the user wants to specify different criteria for positive and negative differences the following DOs from LN CSYN are missing: DifAngNg, DifAngPs, DifHzNeg, DifHzPs, DifVNg, DifVPs. For commissioning could be useful to have also: AdpAngDeg, VAdpFact, Hz1Clc, Hz2Clc, V1Clc,V2Clc, DetSyn. Also MaxVSyn and MinVSyn.


Extent LN RSYn by the following data objects:
AdpAngDeg ASG Adaptation angle (e.g. setting group compensation) Optional
DetSyn ASG Detection of synchronism (?f) Optional
DifAngNg ASG Difference phase angle negative Optional
DifAngPs ASG Difference phase angle positive Optional
DifHzNg ASG Difference frequency negative Optional
DifHzPs ASG Difference frequency positive Optional
DifVNg ASG Difference voltage (amplitude value) negative Optional
DifVPs ASG Difference voltage (amplitude value) positive Optional
Hz1Clc MV Frequency f1 Optional
Hz2Clc MV Frequency f2 Optional
MaxVSyn ASG Maximum voltage for live synchronization Optional
MinVSyn ASG Minimum voltage for live synchronization Optional
V1Clc MV Amplitude value U1 Optional
V2Clc MV Amplitude value U2 Optional
VAdpFact ASG Adaptation factor U1/ U2 Optional

Discussion Created Status
29 Jul 14 In Force (green)
Alternative 1 (adding new DOs into RSYN, keeping RSYN and CSYN) will be considered in ed.2.1. 17 Jun 14 Ballot Period
There are two alternatives how the proposal may be resolved:
1) We add all cited DOs in RSYN and keep two very similar LNs, i.e. RSYN with the capability to issue releases for commands and CSYN with the capability to actively influence the power system data by regulating commands to the generator.
2) We merge RSYN with CSYN into one LN (name, Cxxx or Rxxx ???)and make both the "relelase" and the "commands" mutual conditional.
Note1: not all customers may be happy with these decisions since it means more options to decide for the synchrocheck.
Note2: there are devices which such combined features on the market
30 May 14 Discussion (red)


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