126   SV APPID unique?

Created: 16 Mar 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 9-2 (2004)




Paragraph: NOTE follow table 8

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The third paragraph recommends to have a unique, source oriented SV APPID in the system. Although this is a possibility, it is not necessarily required, since the MSVID (or USVID) already provides a unique identification. Furthermore, the implementation guideline for 9-2 that most vendors support also keeps the default value 4000H for the APPID


Keep only the first two sentences of this third paragraph in the NOTE

Discussion Created Status
Clarified in the last CD 04 Oct 05 In Force (green)
The uniqueness of APPID is a recommandation, and shall be configurable.
The notes have been enhanced
05 Sep 05 Ballot Period
31 Mar 05 Ballot Period
Montreal: -> to be clarified.

GoE-meeting 28.10.04:
Not accepted.
The uniqueness of the APPID shall be a possibility to select SV-messages on link layer level to avoid unnecessary CPU load within the receiving device. The UsvID relates to the application level, using this identifier the telegram frame has to be ASN.1 decoded before a selection could be made.
16 Mar 05 Discussion (red)


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