1259   XCBR.Dsc

Created: 08 May 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 105

Clause: 5.16.2


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In a three phase system, the switches of three phases are delayd by 120° respectively by the related time depending on the nominal frequency. Therefore, for a short time after start of the three phase operation and shortly before reaching the final position, an accepted "phase discrepancy" will happen. Therefore, the computed three phase postion shows a sequence like on-(discrepancy-intermediate-discrepancy)-off. Another accepted "phase discrepancy" happens in case of single phase tripping with following single phase autoreclosure. The filter out the "bad state" "phase discrepancy" a time window like DscTmms or RunTmms is needed where the phase discrepancy is treated as transient intermediate position.


Introduce a time window (setting) RunTmms to filter out the "accepted" phase discrepancy.

Discussion Created Status
Correction of an editorial mistake: The additional setting DscDlTmms(ING)(optional)in CSWI and XCBR and XSWI for edition 2.1 will be considered.
23 Sep 14 In Force (green)
An additional setting DscDlTmms(ING)(optional)in CSWI and XCBR for edition 2.1 will be considered. 17 Jun 14 Discussion (red)
The fact is that we need this time (DscTmms ?) both in the XCBR4 where we have to calculate both the common position used e.g. for interlocking and the phase discrepancy, and in th CSWI where we also c common position. Latest with the use of the process bus both LNs may be in devices from different suppliers (XCBR4 in the process near IED, CSWI in the bay controler) but both times have to have the same value to avoid inconsistencies. Therefore, this tissue refers to interoperability!!!
Clear statement of the proposal: Add DscTmms both to CSWI and XCBR
30 May 14 Discussion (red)
In my opinion the signal for phase discrepancy shall have only be an active/valid state=True when the supervision application has detected it after a filtering time window. The setting for a time window will be then a local issue. 09 May 14 Discussion (red)


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