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Created: 05 May 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In part 7-4 there is still the LN PSOF (Protection against Switch-On-to-Fault. This LN was last time in thre draft 7-4 for Ed2, but since some open issues it was removed for the FDIS and, therefore, also for the IS. This LN was updated according to the NIST requirements and defintions and introduced in updated part 7-500. There have beeen non complaint before, in and after the WG10 meeting in Momtpellier.
Therefore I request to included this LN into the next revision of part 7-4, i.e. in Revision 2.1


The detialed description is provided in the part 7-500 as found in the sharepoint. For easy discussion, the PSOF extract from 7-500 is found also as attachment of this tissue.

Discussion Created Status
As a result of discussion for IEC 61850-7-500 a new version of description will be provided. The changed data model will be included in part 7-4 amd2.1. 05 Feb 15 In Force (green)
Agreed and has been changed to state GREEN with the following editorial change:
Abbreviation for "dead" should be Dea like in other DOnames.
Use the abbreviation Dea for dead in the DOnames DeaLinPhV (Phase voltage limit for dead Line) and DeaLinA (Phase current limit for dead Line)
17 Oct 14 In Force (green)
Voting period is until 15. Oct 2014. 10 Oct 14 Ballot Period
17 Sep 14 Ballot Period
The PSOF may be used for all use cases if the Operation Mode (OpMod) "Impedance" is generalized to "Protection". The text given also in the attachement has to be modified into

OpMod "Protection": Input (start)from the undirected distance protection zone or any other protection function applied.
17 Sep 14 Discussion (red)
The poposed LN PSOF is not vendor specific. The Op may be used as direct trip but also as accelerated trip release. With the DOs it is possible to realize nearly all PSOF schemes, especially also which consider the load currents. In the following the meaning of the values of OpMod and EnaMod are listed

OpMod Action
Impedance Trip is issued if the input is activated by the operation
signal of the non-directional distance protection zone
UILevel Trip is issued if at the set reference voltage SetPhV the
trip current level OpA is reached
Both Trip is issued if either the Impedance Mod or the UILevel
Mode is reached

UILevel Settings against maloperation in case of load currents

OpA Current trip level for switch on to fault operation
SetPhV Phase voltage which has to be reached that the current OpA
is seen as fault and not as load current

Closed/closing detection method is alternatively selected by EnaMod

Here is the meaning of the values of EnaMod

EnaMod Condition
SwCmd Trip is armed if the input is activated by the command to
the related breaker
PosClosed Trip is armed if the closed position of the related
breaker is detected
UILevel Trip is armed if the reference voltage SetPhV is reached

The PSOG function is disabled after breaker closing within OpRelTmms
03 Jun 14 Discussion (red)
The proposed PSOF seems to be vendor specific, at least the settings implies specific solutions. For example the values of EnaMod and OpMod are not clear.
Switch-on-to-fault can also be interpreted as a protection-related function (RSOF), that forces an operate by the protection function without any delay.
13 May 14 Discussion (red)


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