1246   Object reference of Data

Created: 22 Apr 2014

Status: Not Applicable

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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


If in optflds the DataRef bit is set to 0 then, data will be sent using the reference number instead of data reference path. The question is how to interpret the Data reference number (sequential number).

In case of BRCB, assume that a parameter is changed n times during loss of communication and when communication is made healthy the same parameter will be reported n times, so how the reference number will be given as all the data is of same reference.


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As specified in 7-2 in the BufTm definition:
Upon receipt of the first set of internal notification of events of the referenced data-set, the BRCB shall start a timer of the duration buffer time.
Addtionally, the standard defines additional behavior in the case where a second internal notification of the same member of a data-set has occurred prior to the expiration of BufTm.
For instance, in case of ST notification, a new entry is created.
-> therewith, EACH change of the same member of a dataSet will have its own Entry, and will be transmitted as a single report.

This has nothing to do with the inclusion of the DataRef.
22 Apr 14 Not Applicable


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