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Created: 29 Aug 2013

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 96

Clause: 5.15


Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


There is currently no T LN for radiation - e.g. solar radiation.

There are concerns about performance of equipment during solar storms so it would be handy to actually collect the radiation levels the SAS


Develop a new Logical Node data structure for solar radiation sensors

Discussion Created Status
10 Dec 13 Future Improvement
It must be clear what radiation from the solar storms we like to measure in the substation and for what purpose. Should we count the sunspot numbers as primary indication? Should we measure the flux of high energetic particles as measured today by space probes and satellites? Should we evaluate the irregularities of pace makers from passengers travelling in airplanes? There is an interaction between solar wind - magnetosphere - ionosphere. The reuslt is an current electrojet in the ionosphere. Its magnetic filed induces currents in long lines of the power transmission system at ground. Should we try to detect changes in the magnetic field greater than 300 nT per minute? (See also workshop contribution at http://pes.ieee.ch). Has to be clarified before a new T-node is introduced. 31 Oct 13 Discussion (red)
You are right. We have also in LN MMET DOs for solar insolation but no T-Node for that.
Proposal: specify a new LN TRAD for all kind of radiation (solar, radioactive, X-ray, solar storms (non visible particle spectrums)...) in ed.3. The structure of this new LN can be the same as the other T-Nodes but with the specific DO: RadSv SAV Radiation sampled value measurement O / O.
In the meantime you could use as a fast solution -> LN TGSN (generic sensor).
30 Aug 13 Discussion (red)


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