1146   Relation/association between SCBR and XCBR

Created: 16 Aug 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 89 and 94

Clause: 5.14.3 and 5.14.10

Paragraph: DOs in table

Category: No impact on this part


LN: Circuit breaker supervision instances of class SCBR defines two DOs that are associated with LN instances of class XCBR:

Number of operations (modelled in the XCBR) has exceeded the alarm level for number of operations

Number of operations (modelled in the XCBR) exceeds the warning limit

Same as above for LN: Circuit switch supervision SSWI

Number of operations (modelled in XSWI) has exceeded the alarm level for number of operations

Number of operations (modelled in XSWI) exceeds the warning Limit.

How can the relation/association between an instance of XCBR and an instance of SCBR be specified? Is the only way to use the same LN prefix to "bind" the two insatnces together ... indicating that they are exposing information about the same physical Equipment?
In SCL it should be possible to discribe this in the substation section where both instances are Mound to the same Primary Equipment.


Define (or add a note to part 6) in part 7-4 how the binding can be specified. The case where we have a single XCBR for 3 phases and 3 SCBRs one for each Phase has to be covered as well.

Discussion Created Status
Regarding the phase issue, the part 6 SubEquipment element of an ConductingEquipment will contains the phase information for modeling a 3 phase breaker.
ConductingEquipment type CBR
SubEquipment phase=phsA
SubEquipment phase=phsB

14 Oct 13 Not Applicable
Part 6 ConductingEquipement solves the issue of binding LN functionalities to a primary equipment.
ConductingEquipment type=CBR will contain LNode that references the CSWI, XCBR, SCBR, ... involved.
14 Oct 13 Triage


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