1143   Cooperating Clients in BRCB

Created: 01 Aug 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 96


Paragraph: Before Figure 24

Category: No impact on this part


The text before figure 24 reads: "The use of a particular instance of a BRCB (for example which remote clients can actually use the SetBRCBValues service on a particular BRCB) is typically pre-configured locally. The means of performing this configuration is a local issue. However, it is assumed that one or more cooperating clients (for example primary and secondary SCADA systems) may be allowed to have access to a single BRCB."

The definition that it "may be allowed that one or more cooperating client have access to a single BRCB" could be interpreted in several ways. One could be that an enabled BRCB could be used by client 1 and client 2: client 1 enables and later client 2 enables without going through client 1 disables, BRCB is disabled, client enables again ... It is nowhere defined what this statement means and how we could interoperability with such a definition.


Define what "cooperating client" means.

Discussion Created Status
Not accepted. According to the definition of the BRCB handling at the server the described scenario can not happen (an enabled BRCB can by writing only be disabled). Cooperating just means that the two clients 'share' the BRCB according to the server BRCB rules, which are important for interoperability. For which reason this 'sharing' is done is purposely left open - it could be redundancy (hot-standby),different maintenance tools etc. 13 Aug 13 Not Applicable


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