1142   Measurement value in integrity reports vs. deadband

Created: 29 Jul 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 100



Category: No impact on this part


Measurements reporting is usually controlled by deadbands to trigger on dchg. Nevertheless, users want to see the precise values (not exceeding deadband thresholds) after a certain time using integrity reports.

Is it allowed for an integrity report to transmit the exact measurement values measured at the time of the report creation or is it mandatory to re-send the values of the last spontaneous report sent on dchg (respecting deadband thresholds)?

The similar behaviour to be considered for general interrogations.


Integrity reporting uses the exact measurement values measured at the time of the report creation. These values are furthermore used as the evaluation basis for the next spontaneous report sent on dchg (deadband threshold transition). Reason for inclusion (if set to TRUE in OptFlds) shall be "integrity" only.

Discussion Created Status
Deadbanded values create a value change due to the configured dead band, and show a value according to it. If the accuracy of this is not sufficient for an integrity report, the integrity report should be based on the instantaneous value (instMag) instead of the deadbanded value (mag). You might even configure both into the same report data set and use dchg and integrity trigger option together. 12 Aug 13 Not Applicable


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