1128   Value of LLN0.GrRef

Created: 28 May 2013

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 24

Clause: 5.3.4


Category: No impact on this part


Data object GrRef in LLN0 is defined as an ORG and is a "Reference to a higher level logical device".

So is the value the parent logical device instance (in SCL - online it shall be the logical device name, i.e., the "explicit" LDevice.ldName when defined, otherwise IED.name + LD.inst) with or without LLN0?

Example: "LD0" or "LD0/LLN0"?

There are currently SCL files with both solutions, and we should have only one way of doing things.


Discussion Created Status
Change to Ntp (No impact to this part). This is agreed (green). 11 Dec 13 In Force (green)
No changes in 7-4. Set to blue. 18 Oct 13 Not Applicable
I agree with Wolfgang analysis.
- the value of the GrRef.setSrcRef attribute is the reference of a logical device,
- and the reference of the logical device is the logical device name (see 7-2 GetServerDirectory(LOGICAL-DEVICE) response)
the final proposal should be
- setSrcRef content is the logical device name and not the reference of the LLN0 of the logical device.
06 Sep 13 Discussion (red)
According to 7-2 chapter 22.2 the LD is referenced by the LD name; this is in the discussed example "@LD0" as relative name respective something like "E1Q1F1LD0" as full instance name. Thus the 7-1 example is in full line with the 7-2 definition. 05 Sep 13 Discussion (red)
Even if the logical references LD0 and LD0/LLN0 are semantically equivalent (because of 1:1 relation between LD0 and LLN0), syntactically and meta-model-wise they are not: The former is a logical device, the latter is the LN0 within the logical device. The modelling for LD and for LN is very different.

By the way: Why is this a 7-4 Tissue? This is a Tissue for -7-2 or -6 (because it's about instance references), not about the LN type system or DOs, so not really for -7-4. Or, do we need to specify what the "Reference to a higher level logical device" looks like here, in the doc for GrRef? I don't think so; it should be defined in the "father of the meta-model", -7-2, and then if necessary taken over by -6 and anybody else who needs it.
14 Aug 13 Discussion (red)
The examples in 7-1 show that it is only the LD name, i.e. in above example the SCL value would be @LD0 and NOT @LD0/LLN0. The online readable value will then be the full LDName (e.g. E1Q2F1LD0) 28 May 13 Discussion (red)


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