1120   Logical Node to be used for SV DAs mapping

Created: 30 Apr 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: No impact on this part


If there is a case when we want to describe communications between logical nodes located in one device or different devices using standardized SCL simantics, then we feel lack of the LN (or DAs in standard LNs) that could allow us to map the information from TCTR instMag.i data attributes recieved via SV stream.

For example if we have two 9-2 streams with separate currents and voltages and we would like to specify the subscription of PDIS logical node in a remote device using an SCL file and <Inputs> and <ExtRef> tags, then we feel lack of DAs in PDIS LN that would allow us to map instMag.i data attributes. On the other hand the filtering may be essential in this case, then we would probably need some intermediate LN like MMXU, but 7-4 says "The main use [for MMXU] is for operative applications."


It seems me, that either sampled values or RMS current and/or voltage inputs to Logical Nodes as optional fields could resolve this issue.

Discussion Created Status
At first, the SCL <Inputs> section can be written into each LN to show which signals are going in, and bind them to some IED specific internal signal. The same can be reached by using InRef:ORG data objects in the model, which then can make this mapping visible in the online model. It is not the intention to make incoming values visible, as these are accessable at the source - only the calculated LN results are published by data objects. This is due to the general requirement to standardize LN result semantics but leave the algorithm inclusive needed source data open for implementers. 06 May 13 Not Applicable


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