1119   Differens between locally used data and data sent to remote for PDIF

Created: 25 Apr 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 84 ff

Clause: 5.13.9


Category: No impact on this part


For RMXU it is stated that "The local RMXU is therefore the source of synchronized samples or phasors from the local current sensor, which sends its information to the local PDIF and to all required remote PDIF nodes." For line differential functions at 1 1/2 breaker system this might not be true. Due to limitations in communication bandwidth it might be so that the current information from the two CT are fed separately to the local PDIF while the current inforamtion transmitted to remote end is the sum of the current information from the two CT. In this case it is needed to use two RXMU for the local handling of current and a third for the handling of current to be sent to remote.


RMXU should only handle current values which are sent to the remote end. Local current values can be handled by normal MMXU.
And how are the current values that is reveived from remote to be presented? Not by RMXU as it is stated today. Maybe by a separate MMXU?

Discussion Created Status
This proposal refers not to the Logical Nodes itself i.e. not to part 7-4. The Logical nodes mentioned in the proposal are all available and may be used as proposed or in a different way. The proposal asks for the application of Logical Nodes for a dedicated functionality and busbar topology. Such applications will be given and discussed in part 7-500. Besides the importance of this proposal for the application, from the viewpoint of 7-4, this tissue is a question only. 15 Nov 13 Not Applicable


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