1117   HiTapPos and LoTapPos should be in YLTC

Created: 24 Apr 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 107

Clause: 5.17.3


Category: No impact on this part


HiTapPos and LoTapPos are included in ATCC but not in YLTC.
Question is if HiTapPos and LoTapPos are not a property of the physical equipment which is modelled by YLTC. ATCC is just the Automatic tap changer controller and as I see it needs to get information about HiTapPos and LoTapPos from YLTC.


Include HiTapPos and LoTapPos as Optional also in YLTC.

Discussion Created Status
HiTapPos and LoTapPos are defined as (Highest/lowest tap position after reset) and, therefore, described not a property of the YLTC but to the action of the automatic tap changer controler responding on the voltages changes in the grid. Therefore, the proposal should be rejected. 18 Nov 13 Not Applicable
We have to rediscuss this issue also regarding theconsistency of the ATCC/YLTC model. 13 May 13 Discussion (red)
In YLTC the TapPos (CDC ISC) and TapChg (BSC) have the configuration attributes maxVal and minVal. These attributes give the right information about the physical equipement. Therefore the model fulfill the requirement.
No change in the model is needed.
A better and complete description of the data model of the ATCC/YLTC will be given in the future TR 61850-7-500.
06 May 13 Not Applicable


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