1082   q.operatorBlocked is irrelevant to Mod / Beh

Created: 02 Apr 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 156, 157

Clause: Annex


Category: No impact on this part


As in TISSUE 711, "The Mode 'blocked' should NOT set the operatorblocked quality, because it only refers to HW outputs of an IED. Will be changed in 7-4."
q.operatorBlocked is irrelevant to Mod / Beh. This bit only reflects that DO containing DA blkEna, has been "frozen" from update.

This issue has been raised in TISSUE 712 but only solved partially.


In table A.1, any text containing "operatorBlocked" shall be removed.
In table A.2, row "incoming data with q=operatorBlocked" and row "incoming data with q=test+operatorBlocked" shall both be removed.

Discussion Created Status
1. q.source has in general no influence, as for process related functions the value 'process' means the same as 'substituted', i.e. this is just an indication for the operator (taking responsibility for the supplied value) or for very specific system management functions.
2. the meaning of 'operator-blocked' for the source signal having the q attribute is clear: any value updates are suppressed. However, what this means for the destination depends on the destination function itself and the meaning of the signal in its context. Therefore a more detailled general specification can not be given. Table A.2 just specifies in which modes this processing 'as blocked' is relevant at all.
11 Apr 13 Not Applicable
Thanks for the response. But why operatorBlocked related rows must remain in table A.2? Similar rows in table A.2 describes relations between Beh value and q value, if there is no relation in between, it should be deleted.
If irrelevant items are kept to maintain a full map between Beh value and q value, then q.source shall be added as well, which is not the case.
The current table A.2 states all "processed as bocked" is only causing great confusion when ten vendor is trying to implement it, and when the utility is trying to understand how to use it.
10 Apr 13 Not Applicable
The part concerning table A.1 is handled in Tissue 712. But even if operatorblocked is not set via Mod, the related rows in table A.2 must remain. Also q=invalid can be set by other means than Mod...
Important is the reaction on different incoming quality for different modes (Beh).
02 Apr 13 Not Applicable


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