1002   Hi Mr. Shah, I got good IEC silumator on net named as Anvil by Triangle Microworks. the trial softw

Created: 21 Feb 2013

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Hello to all,

I am using P143 relay with IEC61850 silumator i am communication SIEMENS S7-400 PLC on PCS7 SCADA.
i want to know the mean ing of the structure used in .icd files or .mcl files like LLN0 or AlmGGI01 data sets LLNO health, XCBR.
I want to use it in logic but if i dont know what is the actual meaning of this i cant use it.
I want disturbance recording, total harmonic distortion, VCB status and measuring parameters.

Please help...

Chandra Kant Tiwari


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