826   Mandatory ACSI services

This tissue has following status: blue

Created: 28 Feb 2012

Links: #820 Mandatory ACSI services


Clause: 24


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Clause 24 is not aligned with 7-2 regarding conformance statement.

Proposal: Aligned it as resoloved in 7-2:Ed2 TISSUE 820

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Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
tissue duplication. it was supposed to be an 8-1 tissue.
see tissue 820 for further information
07 Mar 12 blue
the _corrected version had some typos.
additionaly, the abort service is limited to server->client.
07 Mar 12 final proposal
the same resolution is attached in order to have in one document consistent definitions.
28 Feb 12 final proposal


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