592   LN KPMP.StrAct

This tissue has following status: red

Created: 28 Jan 2008


Page: 7.5.4



Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: When KPMP.Operate.ctlVal changes state a time stamp is generated.
Therefore, KPMP.Operate.stVal cannot be as a validation that the pump is running since it lacks a timestamp.

Proposal: A new attribute should be created KPMP.StrAct(SPS) to indicate the pump starter is activated. This would give a validation that the starter has received the order and it would generate its own timestamp.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
Edition 2 allows for each commandable object the attributes opRcvd and opOk, with time stamp tOpOk, to indicate that a command has been received / accepted.
Furtheron, KPMP.OpCtl contains a status value. What else should this value show, if not that the pump is running respective has been started?
27 Aug 10 red
The control service gives you the information about the state of the state machine, e.g. operation is running, you will get it with time stamp 13 Mar 08 red


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