548   Mandatories in Fxxx Logical Nodes

This tissue has following status: red

Created: 26 Sep 2007



Clause: 7.2


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Data attributes stated as mandatory, must always be present and visible. When using functional block elements, the links between functions are often internal in the device and not meant to use any external communication.

Proposal: For all Logical Nodes in group F (functional elements): The "M" attribute for all data (except what is inherited from LN Class), shall be changed to "C". The condition is: The data is mandatory in case it shall be transmitted over a communication link and hence is visible.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
I propose to change all mandatory data in F-group with M (except what is inherited from common LN) to O (optional). So the implemantation of this LN defines the visibility. When there is a real exchange of data by communcation, then it is visible. 02 Apr 08 red
This means that they are optional. The problem is that a manufacturer delivering the LN does not know what the system integrator wants to have 'visible'. 27 Nov 07 red


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