547   FIle directory reading

Created: 19 Sep 2007

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)



Clause: 9.2.3 and 23


Issue: It is not clear how the file directory listing shall work in detail.
- is the * character allowed to demand a listing?
- is a 'pure' path allowed (with or without separation character at the end), or shall there be a 'wrong' file name?
- if a listing for a directory is demanded, will the response contain the path of the demanded directory, or only the level below this path?

Proposal: clarify the usage of directory listing

Discussion Created Status
turned to green 26 Mar 08 In Force (green)
8-1 will be revised to specify that a "*" may be used as a wildcard to return a listing of all files in the FileDirectory service.

8-1 will also specify that the MMS Filename shall be the complete virtual path specification, including the actual filename and extension.
14 Dec 07 Ballot Period
Some behavior we might leave a local issue, but not the format of messages going across the communication, else we have no interoperability. If there are reasonable alternatives (e.g. / and \ as directoy separators), we should restrict these to one or two, and clearly define them. 26 Sep 07 Discussion (red)
This is fully specified in ISO-9506. However, it is left to the file system on the server in regards to actual format for directory structure and wildcard specifications.

As an example, if the server is VMS, directories are [..].

Additionally, the structure (e.g. / or \) is determined, in MMS, by the server.

I believe the form/format is a local issue that should not be mandated by 61850.

19 Sep 07 Discussion (red)


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