237   GOOSE client/server state machines

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Created: 11 Oct 2005


Page: 69


Paragraph: Figure 9, 10

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: What is the meaning of words "server" and "client" in the GOOSE state machines (Figure 9 and 10)?

For example, the NON-EXISTENT <-> VALID <-> QUESTIONABLE machine in Figure 10 seems to describe the behavior of the party that _receives_ GOOSE messages. Why it is called "server state machine"? Shouldn't this be just opposite?


Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
Oops, affected clauses are and 16 Feb 06 green
Same issue exists in Both will be corrected. 16 Feb 06 green
changed to green. 02 Dec 05 green
24 Oct 05 final proposal 2005-11-24
Correct the captions and the text. The "Client" should have the questionable state. Make sure that the text for the state diagrams is also updated accordingly. 24 Oct 05 final proposal
The tables are reversed. The captions should be reversed. 11 Oct 05 white


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