222   discuss 144 CDC=APC

Created: 28 Sep 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)





Issue: 144 CDC=APC

Harmonization with IEC61850-7-3 according to #28.
SP moved to CO; setMAg renamed into ctlVal (CO) and mxVal (MX)

Proposal: for harmonization with IEC61850-8-1 Annex E and the SPC CDC,DPC CDC,INC CDC,BSC CDC,ISC CDC(IEC61850-7-3), the setMAg(SP,MX) of APC CDC is modified into setMAg(SP) and mxVal(MX).

Discussion Created Status
E.7 should be updated to according to the resolution of tissue 28 on 7-3. 24 Oct 05 Ballot Period
There should be automatic harmonization since APC would map into 8-1 through the mapping rules in clause 7.3.1 of 8-1.

I do not believe any change in 8-1 is required.
28 Sep 05 Triage


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