1604   worst-case forwarding delay calculation wrong

This tissue has following status: final proposal

Created: 16 Nov 2017


Page: page 69


Paragraph: 5th paragraph

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: if every node introduces a worst-case forwarding delay of 123 µs, putting 50 nodes in series, worst-case forwarding delay is 123*50 = 6150 µs, not 6159 ms.


Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
This is an approximation. The correct value is not exactly 123 us, it is for the longest PRP frame 123,36 us (6,168 ms), but without PRP it is 122,8 (6,144 ms). Let's put 6,168 ms. 19 Jan 18 final proposal 2018-02-28
Will be considered in edition 2 of TR90-4, what is already in process. 16 Nov 17 red


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