1564   About tAnyContentFromOtherNamespace extension

Created: 13 Dec 2016

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 120 (SCL_BaseTypes.xsd)



Category: No impact on this part


We found scl:tText,scl:tPrivate both are derived from scl:tAnyContentFromOtherNamespace, but scl:tAnyContentFromOtherNamespace doesn't specify it can contain a text node like scl:Val does (element can hold value). In practice a lot of users actually create a text node for scl:Text or scl:Private element.


Add a scl:tAnyContentFromOtherNamespaceWithVal to SCL_BaseTypes.xsd and have scl:tAnyContentFromOtherNamespaceWithVal specified with a base of xsd:normalizedString. Have scl:tText and scl:tPrivate derived from scl:tAnyContentFromOtherNamespaceWithVal instead of scl:tAnyContentFromOtherNamespace

Discussion Created Status
No need for a change. The current definition allows also arbitrary text in text and private elements. 14 Dec 16 Not Applicable


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