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Created: 17 Nov 2015


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Issue: Definition of addcause "parameter change in execution" is not clear enough.

Do we have this addcause when a data attribute with FC SP, SV, CF, DC or SE is modified during successive control service (between Select and Operate service)?

Proposal: 1) to avoid a confusion with Addcause "parameter change in execution", I propose to modify the name of Addcause "inconsistent parameters" with "inconsistent control parameters".

2) modification of definition of "parameter change in execution" with : "Control action is blocked due to running parameter change (writable data attribute with FC SP, SV, CF, DC or SE)."

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1) in principal accepted, but enumeration litteral cannot change for backward compatibility reasons.
2) parameter change means that either a change of either a configuration parameter CF, or of a setting SE, or SP has blocked the control. The definition is already specific enough.
Change of DC will not block a command.
A Substitution can lead to a position reached, blocked-by-health if the substution was required because of an hardware failure.
If further specification are required, then please use the comment form during the circulation of the 7-2 ED2.1 CDV to the NC
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