1463   Addcause for APC type

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Issue: Standard is not clear about control with analogue value (APC).
We have in table 54 addcause semantic. We can see we have addcause "ended with overshoot" and "abortion due to deviation".

Both addcauses seem to be used for control action with APC type.

With TISSUE 1319 we have addcause "inconsistent parameters" added for control action with APC type too.

So the problem is there is no clarification in standard in when we have to use these addcauses.

Moreover what is the equivalence of "position reached" and "invalid position" for APC type control?

Proposal: - "inconsistent parameter": ctlVal service parameter is out-of-range of the supported range (TISSUE 1319).
- "abortion due to deviation": at the end of "operTimeout", measured value is out of range whereas command value was in the tolerated setting range?
- "ended with overshoot": at the end of "operTimeout", measured value is between command value and "maxVal"?

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Tissue 1319 already takes care of the further speciciation of "inconsistent parameter".

abortion due to deviation can occur anytime during the monitoring feedback, and is related to e.g algorithm determining that the measure value deviates from the control value, and that the control value will not be reached due to deviation of the process.

end with overshoot: the measured value is within the allowed range, but at the end of operTimeout the process did not reach the control value, and additionaly, the measured value is having overshoot.

No change needed as already speficied in the definition.
If further specifications are still required, then please use the NC comment form during the circulation of the 7-2 CDV.

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