1444   Need to support fixed and SCT controlled Datasets

Created: 06 Oct 2015

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)

Links: #1297 How to differentiate preconfigure Datasets from those generated by the System Configuration Tool

Page: 63


Paragraph: Table 11 and others

Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


In the service section, an IED can declare “modify dataset” to be FALSE. That means, datasets in the IED cannot be changed by the system tool.
Assume, an IED supports 10 datasets (declared in the service section), has preconfigured three datasets and declares modify dataset to be FALSE. Does the modify dataset only apply to the three preconfigured ones, and the SCT can add (and configure) 7 new datasets? Or does this mean, that the SCT cannot add any dataset, since it is no allowed to modify datasets.
If the second would be true, how can an IED declare that datasets can be added, but the existing ones cannot be changed?


According to the discussion in the WG10 Meeting in Brussels, an attribute shall be added to the DatSet definition, in SCL, indicating if the datSet can be modified/deleted by an SCT. The new attribute will be defined as optional with a default value that is backward compatible with the current ED.2.

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Discussion Created Status
Consequences of setting the TISSUE to IntOp2:
- ICT shall expose the limitations correctly.
- SCT shall handle those appropriately.
This implies that SCT will be more restrictive for IxDs from ICTs not implementing this TISSUE.
23 Feb 16 In Force (green)
Set to IntOp2 according to WG10 decision in Cathedral City. 23 Feb 16 In Force (green)
For the foreseen use cases it is sufficient to forbid data set modification for a service class. This is already provided by the engineering capabilities ReportSettings, SMVSettings, and GSESettings. It will be clarified that the meaning of datSet='Fix' is that neither the data set reference nor the referenced data set itself shall be modified by a system tool. 04 Nov 15 Ballot Period


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