1365   Need to tighten up the XSD in regards to IEDName usage

Created: 24 Mar 2015

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)

Links: #927 New SFD file

Page: 52

Clause: 9.2.6

Paragraph: 3

Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


Part 6 states: The logical node and its function is identified by the element attributes. The LNode element can be used within an SSD for functional specification, without allocation to an IED. In this case the
iedName shall be None.

However, there is no restriction in the XSD that prevents an IED in the IED section from being named "None".

As part of the 2013 IOP there was an issue in regards to the interpretation of "None" in the substation section. The User Feedback task force believes the schema needs to enforce the usage of "None" in the substation section, and exclude its use as an IED Name in the IED section.


It is proposed to update the XSD to provide the appropriate restrictions and validations.

Discussion Created Status
07 Jul 15 In Force (green)
Final decision: forbid the use of IEDs with name “None” so that LNode that are not allocated to any device (allocation to virtual devices uses other IED name as “None”) still can use the LNode attribute iedName set to None, i.e. to not allocated yet. 11 Jun 15 Ballot Period
The intention behind introducing an IED name 'None' was to provide a means to specify needed LN instances including structure and specification values without prescribing a physical allocation. In case no specification values are needed, it is allowed that no IED with the name 'None' exists. However, to be able to specify also configuration and parameter values, may be even intended signal flow, the IED syntactical element with name='None' is needed as a carrier for this.
Observe that an enhancement about system specification is also demanded in Tissue 927. Therefore suggest to shift any modifications in this direction to an appropriate discussion in the scope of Edition 3.
25 Mar 15 Discussion (red)
For me, another acceptable solution would be to change the definition of "None" to be an empty string. 24 Mar 15 Triage


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