1363   LPHD.Sim only for entire device

Created: 16 Mar 2015

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-1 (2011; Edition 2)


Page: 60

Clause: 7.8

Paragraph: 7.8.1

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Switch between non simulated and simulated signal could be done only for the entire device. If IED manages multiple bays, it would like to switch only part of the IED managing current bay in simulation to receive simulated signal and not the entire device. The other part of the IED which manages another bay has not to be affected by simulated signals. This is the case of SV and GOOSE streams which contain busbar information or information from an other bay that are shared and used by multiple LD in the same IED.


Allow to manage switch between non simulated and simulated signal to LD level and not only for the entire device.

Discussion Created Status
The use of simulation messages is intended for testing real time performance. This means that for any GOOSE source always only one message is allowed to be processed - either the original one, or the simulated one. If some LD should use the simulated one and another not, always two messages need to be processed thus disturbing the real time behavior. Therefore It is not feasible to switch simulation on for one LD and off for another, i.e. it must always be on for the whole IED. Observe that even then all 'normal' GOOSE are processed, as long as no simulated one has been observed for the same GOOSE source.
Switching for individual signals between the 'real' one and a test input for function testing can be done per input (with Inref / BlkRef DOs) in test mode. However, then real time behavior of the communication part is no longer guaranteed.
16 Jul 15 Not Applicable


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