1357   deprecate setDataSetValues

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Created: 27 Feb 2015

Links: #1356 deprecate setDataSetValues



Paragraph: 14.3.2

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: setDataSetValues does not map a listOfAccessResult although 7-2 ( requires:

This list shall indicate, for each data object, either a confirmation that the service SetDataSetValues to the referenced instance succeeded or a reason why the service SetDataSetValues to the referenced data object failed.

Proposal: Because of the issues with setDataSetValues in 7-2 (see TISSUE 1356) it is proposed to deprecate setDataSetValues.

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See 1358 - this is an 8-1 TISSUE.

Seems that you cannot select the part in the pull-down on the new tissue page...
27 Feb 15 blue


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