1298   How to differentiate preconfigured Report Datasets from those generated by the System Configuration

Created: 04 Aug 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 64

Clause: 9.3.2

Paragraph: Table 11

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


ConfReportControl specifies:
max – the maximum number of instantiable report control blocks. If this is equal to the number of preconfigured instances, then no new instances can be created.
After a while, it is not possible to remember which Report Control Blocks were preconfigured and which were not. Typical Use Case: for a retrofit of a Substation, the engineer gets the SCD file from the Substation which may have been engineered 5 years before by somebody else. He/she cannot know whether the Report Control Blocks engineered in the SCD file were originally predefined in the ICD/IID file, or whether they were added by the System Configuration Tool.


Add another element or attribute to tReportControl (chapter 9.3.8), e.g. "predefined" with "true", "false" and "unknown" as possible values.

- For backwards compatibility reason, the default value is "unknown".
- An IED Configuration Tool which creates Report Control Blocks must mandatorily set these values to "true".
- A System Configuration Tool which creates Report Control Blocks must mandatorily set these values to "false".
- in case of value "unknown", the engineer using the System Configuration Tool must decide how to proceed.

Discussion Created Status
15 Oct 14 In Force (green)
In principle accepted, but without SCL modification.
Having a value 'predefined=true' does not really help, as it is allowed to have some preconfigured DS inside an ICD file, and additional configurable data sets up to the max value. If all data sets a fixed, then <ConfDataSet modify="false" /> prohibits any modification. If the value is "true", then the system tool can modify ALL data sets (also the preconfigured ones). Thus no additional indications are needed, as either everything is modifyable or nothing.
As summary: for an IED all data sets are either fix (modify=false) and then must be preconfigured, or they are always modifiable, deletable and creatable to the limit.
Proposed solution: change the explanation of ConfDataSet.modify by removing the word 'preconfigured'.
A similar understanding problem might exist for ConfReportControl.bufConf: Therefore additionally here the word 'preconfigured' shall be removed.
23 Sep 14 Ballot Period


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