1171   Identification of optional attributes in control blocks

Created: 07 Oct 2013

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)



Clause: Tables 60, 61,63


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The tables that define the MMS TypeDescription of the SGCB, URCB, BRCB do not include the column (mandatory/optional).


Please, use the same table layout that the one that is used in the GOCB. With the mandatory/optional column included, it is clear which attributes of the control blocks are optional.

Discussion Created Status
see #1194 05 Dec 13 In Force (green)
30 Oct 13 Ballot Period
The clarification of this belongs in 7-2. We need to enter a tissue on 7-2 to explicitly define mandatory attributes of the control block. 18 Oct 13 Discussion (red)
In principle accepted.
The GoCB and LCb have their own table layout because their elements differ slightly from the 7-2 definition.
(GoCB introduces the MinTime - MaxTime attributes; the LCB introduces the OldEntrTm, NewEntryTm, ...).
The attributes of SGCB, URCB and BRCB control blocks do not differ from the 7-2 defition, therefore the M/O and r/w columns were not repeated in 8-1
14 Oct 13 Discussion (red)


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