1163   Old report in URCB

This tissue has following status: blue

Created: 25 Sep 2013





Category: No impact on this part

Issue: In case a buffered report can't be transmitted because the client disabled the URCB before the bufTm expired, some server devices send this "old" report when the same URCB is enabled again.

Proposal: Clarify that on enabling an URCB the server shall never send an old pending report, whatever happened before.

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30 Oct 13 blue
This should be clear from the definition of URCB. Sending 'old' reports is definitely against the standard. I recommend to set this to blue. 28 Oct 13 red
Report that were not sent, because at the time the BufTm window expired the URCB was not enabled, shall not store it for later sending. URCBs are not BRCBs.

27 Sep 13 red


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