1162   How does the client know if TimeActivatedOperate can be applied?

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Created: 22 Sep 2013


Page: 156/157

Clause: 20.1


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Issue: Is there a possiblilty for the client to check if TimeActivatedOperate can be applied to a control object? The dataAttribute ctlModel provides only information for status-only, direct-with-normal-security, sbo-with-normal-security, direct-with-enhanced-security, sbo-with-enhanced-security (7-3 page 22). In Edition 1 operTm was a dataAttribute that was only provided if TimeActivatedOperate could be applied to the control object. But in Edition 2 operTm has become a parameter of the service.
Is there any other possibility for the client to get that information (apart from the SCL file)?

Proposal: It could be a possibility to add four more values for ctlModel: direct-with-normal-security-with-TimeActivatedOperate, direct-with-enhanced-security-with-TimeActivatedOperate, sbo-with-normal-security-with-TimeActivatedOperate, sbo-with-enhanced-security-with-TimeActivatedOperate

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30 Oct 13 final proposal 2013-30-11
7-2 Ed2 defines the service parameter operTm for timeActivatedOperate.
If a device supports the timeActivatedOperate:
1) in an 8-1 MMS mapping, the SBOw, Oper, and Cancel substructure of the controllable object [FC=CO] will contains the attribute "operTm" as specified in 8-1 mapping ed2 of the "operTm" 7-2 service parameter.

2) any other mapping shall take care of mapping the 7-2 service parameter operTm properly so that it is visible over the communication.

The extension of the ctlModel enumeration is therefore not required.
27 Sep 13 red


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