Part 10 (2012; Edition 2)

Technical Issue Subject Cat Status
Page Clause Paragraph Created Proposer
1655PIXIT template item RP2 refers to deprecated segmentation optional field Ed2 blue 15 May 19 M. Fiset
1624"Internal scan cycle wait time" must be part of transfer time Ed2 white 788.2.3.3 29 Mar 18 A. Grigorieva
1610PIXIT Ct18 application Ed2 white 38Table 26 04 Jan 18 J. Lopez Sarralde
1482Remove cAss4 as it is not abstract Ed2 red 366. 17 Mar 16 E. San Telmo
1474Formal MICS requirements Ntp blue 1655.4.1 11 Feb 16 A. Anoshin
1275sCtl26 - cancel is possible during WaitForExecute state Ed2 white 39sCtl26 16 Jun 14 S. Zeng
1245GoosePerformanceTests, inconsistencies detected Ed2 green sveral8.2.2, 8.2.3several 22 Apr 14 S. Gerspach
1238Add testing of test equipment Ed2 green 09 Apr 14 P. Pfisterer
1167Missing test for all levels FCDA Ed2 green Table 8 28 Sep 13 B. Muschlitz


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