996   Unicode for VSS and VSG

This tissue has following status: green

Created: 10 Feb 2013


Page: 31, 54

Clause: 7.3.11, 7.6.8


Category: No impact on this part

Issue: There is no way to specify localized string for status and settings Val. For example cyrillic string.

Proposal: Solution1.
Add stValU/setValU to VSS/VSG, which type is UNICODE_STRING255.
Change type of stVal/setVal of VSS/VSG from VISIBLE_STRING255 to UNICODE_STRING255.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
15 Aug 13 green
19 Apr 13 final proposal 2013-May-19
The CDCs VSS and VSG and their DAs setVal or stVal are used in context where the setting range is defined or shall be defined in the future in the context of the standards themselves.

However note that VSS and VSG have a dU attribute where custom strings can be put

Comment not accepted
19 Apr 13 final proposal
There is some automation issues here. The content of the string is to be used for further automation. I am not sure that Unicode makes much sense in the setting or in the status.
The only place we had unicode string was for description purpose.
We are not talking here of description but of real values whose content leads to an action.
For me it is not clear if the tissue can be accepted at all, because it raises issue of interoperability and of interpretation of a Unicode for other purpose than display.
20 Mar 13 red
propose to accept solution 1 26 Feb 13 red
In principle this seems to be a reasonable comment. Even if, where VSG is currently used, a localized string with other characters than the regular ASCII characters seems not make sense. 19 Feb 13 white


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