965   sample value control block attribute should be encoded in the APDU rather than encoded in each ASDU

Created: 28 Dec 2012

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 9-2 (2011; Edition 2)


Page: 23

Clause: 8.5.2 Presentation layer functionality

Paragraph: Table 14

Category: No impact on this part


The confifuration attribute of sample value control block of the scope of the sample value frame, so they should be outside of the ASDU; but now they are encoded in each ASDU, there are two main disadvantages:
(1) it is not efficient if there are N ASDU in one sample value frame, they are encoded, transmitted, decoded N times, and N-1 times of them are meaningless;
(2) it is confused to understand the usa case of several ASDUs in one sample value frame;
these attributes include: svID, datset, confRev, smpSynch, smpRate, smpMod;


svID, datset(Optional), confRev, smpSynch, smpRate(Optional), smpMod(Optional) should be encoded in the SavPdu, before noASDU;
only smpCnt and refrTm(Optional) should be encoded in each ASDU,

Discussion Created Status
18 Sep 15 In Force (green)
Not accepted 19 Aug 15 Ballot Period
ASDU stands for Application service data unit.
A ASDU must be uniquely identified. Theorically the sample value frame could gather ASDU from different sources.
Additionally, changing the encoding would mean a major interoperability issue.
06 Mar 14 Discussion (red)


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