954   Data attributes with FC=CF should have trgOp=dchg

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Created: 17 Dec 2012

Links: #953 missing trigger option forCSG units

Page: 28; 31; 58

Clause: 7.3.4 INS; 7.3.10 HST; 7.7.4: CSG


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: (2012-12-17, 7-3 editors call. Ref UML issue wg10-0571)
Since Ed.2 of 61850-7-3, it has been decided to apply trgOp=dchg to all the configuration attributes (FC=CF). However, there are some such attributes missing trgOp=dchg.

INS: units
HST: xUnits, yUnits, units, maxPts, numPts
CSG: xUnit, yUnit, zUnit, maxPts

Proposal: Apply trgOp=dchg to all the mentioned attributes.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
19 Apr 13 green
03 Jan 13 final proposal 3.2.2013
proposal to accept - see as well TISSUE 953 17 Dec 12 red
After double check in IS, these seem to have already been fixed between FDIS and IS:
INS: units,
HST: xUnits, yUnits, units

Actually still to fix "only" these below:
HST: maxPts, numPts
CSG: xUnit, yUnit, zUnit, maxPts.
17 Dec 12 white


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