946   Wrong data type (CDC) for ZBTC.BatChaSt

Created: 15 Nov 2012

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-420 (2008; DER)


Page: 83

Clause: 8.2.3


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The data type (CDC) of data object (DO) ZBTC.BatChaSt is defined as ENG, but as it is a status only data object its CDC must be ENS.


Change CDC of DO BatChaSt to ENS.
[Decided at WG 17 Zagreb meeting at 2012-09-28]
Please note that LN ZBTC has been renamed to DBTC, see Tissue 945.

Discussion Created Status
30 Jan 14 In Force (green)
Agreed 17 Oct 13 Ballot Period


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