901   tServices as AP or as IED element

Created: 17 Aug 2012

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)



Clause: 9.3.2

Paragraph: below table 12

Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


The paragraph states that the service structure when element of the AP "shall not contain IED general configuration or engineering-related capabilities – these shall be defined at IED level."

"Further the max attribute of the GOOSE and GSSE elements refers to the maximum number of GOOSE control blocks allowed to trigger sending via this access point, while the appropriate elements at IED level specify the maximum number of GOOSE control blocks configurable at the whole IED"

The ruling between AP services and IED services is not clear. It seems that the GOOSE max attribute represents the sum of all GOOSE max attributes distributed in the different access points.

However, the capability of interest for a tool is not how much GOOSE control blocks are avaibles in a device, but how much GOOSE control block are allowed within an AccessPoint for a proper data flow parameterization.


Proposed change for the clause defining the rule:
1) if a service is defined at an AP->Services then, it is the value that is valid for the access point
2) if no value is defined at an AP->Services, then the value that is valid for the access point is defined at the IED->Services
3) if no value is defined neither at AP->Services nor at IED->Services, then the valid value for the access point is provided either by the default value in the schema or in the default interpretation stated in the IEC 61850-6
4) if a service (may be restrict to numbers?) is defined at an AP, then it is not allowed to define it additionally at IED level

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Discussion Created Status
To clarify 4): A number at IED level is the sum across all access points. At an access point then only the number 0 is allowed. If an access point has a number >0, then having a number at IED level is forbidden, and all other access points shall have a number defined. 10 May 16 In Force (green)
For usage of Service element at IED and acess point see also the attached file 18 Dec 12 In Force (green)
Accepted. Especially, a Service element shall either be defined at IED level or at access point level, but not at both. If several access points at the same server specify numbers, the sum of all is valid for the server. Contradicting access point properties to the common server are not allowed. 24 Sep 12 Ballot Period


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