885   SIUnit type defined more than once.

Created: 09 Aug 2012

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 120

Clause: Appendix B

Paragraph: EnumType id SIUnit

Category: No impact on this part


The SI unit for Energie is defined more than once.
It is defined as ord=38 'W'
It is also defined as ord=62 'Watts'

Manufacteurs are free to use one or another, this is creating problems for interoperability.


Depreciate the use of ord 62, 'Watts'.
Use only the SI defined value of ord 38.

Discussion Created Status
Here part 6 only mirrors part 7-3. Therefore, this is a 7-3 Tissue. See Tissue 686 for any solution. 21 Aug 12 Not Applicable


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