847   clarification of the ICD file and the ".name"

Created: 14 May 2012

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 28

Clause: 7

Paragraph: first dot point re ICD file

Category: No impact on this part


the reference to name can be confused with .name of Logical Nodes and the text describing substation TEMPLATE can be clarified


Modified clause as follows:

"Data exchange from the IED configurator to the system configurator (corresponding to items 170H b) and 171H c) of 172H 5.1). This file describes the functional and engineering capabilities of an IED type. It shall contain exactly one IED section for the IED type whose capabilities are described. The ‘name’ attribute of the “IED” element in the IED section shall be TEMPLATE. The file shall contain the needed data type templates inclusive of the logical node type definitions. The file may contain a substation section as a template, where the substation name shall be TEMPLATE, which defines the binding of logical node instances to primary equipment indicates a predefined functionality. Any substation, in which this IED shall be used, must match an appropriate substation topology part (example: a CSWI LN bound to an equipment of type CBR is only allowed to control a circuit breaker; a CILO bound to a line disconnector implements the interlocking logic for a line disconnector). There might be an optional Communication section defining possible default addresses of the IED."

Discussion Created Status
09 Jul 12 Not Applicable
Not accepted. At this section of part 6 no SCL syntax elements have been introduced, and therefore neither an 'IED' element nor its 'name' attribute are known. However, the basic concept to have an IED description with name TEMPLATE indicating that this description is not related to a physical IED instance should be clear. 30 May 12 Discussion (red)


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